The school buses can accommodate a certain number of students, so the decision of the school regarding accommodating children will be final, as per the capacity of the bus.

Transport is the lifeline of the school as the school situated 1 km away from the main road. So, for the convenience of the students, the school has arranged a fleet of buses to all its catchment areas. Initially, the bus facility was available only for main Srinagar city. but now due to the pressin demand of the parents, the school has extended the bus facility to all the rural areas coming under its catchment.The buses are now plying to Kangan,Wayil, Ganderbal, Saloora, Talibal, Batproa, Nishat, Batamalo, Bemina areas etc. The bus facility is available to students for full academic session and is not provided for broken periods. Our school has enough number of busses to provide transport facility to students from around the Srinagar vicinity to ensure secure, safe and comfortable commutation of the children. The buses are designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and conductors to ensure security of students.