Invictus International School, Ameristar  hosted an Essay Writing Competition and received  an immense amount of submissions (over 500 entries from 5 different countries). Miss Syana Warsi, a student from KHEI,  wrote an original and insightful piece which has been awarded a TOP five entry. She has received prize money worth INR 10,000/-. Additionally, she has received an e-certificate of participation as well as an e-certificate of merit.

“It’s easier to see thought patterns after you write them down. This lets you figure out which thoughts to keep in your brain, and they’re more organized as a result. If I’ve ever felt like my thoughts are all over the place, I try writing them down. Being the part of this competition is a reminder of the power of ideas and the significance of engaging in thoughtful dialogue. Through this competition, I have not only honed my writing skills, but I have also gained a deeper appreciation for the value of probing, exploration, investigation and curiosity,” said Syana.

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