Clearly, at KHEI, students do not spend their time savouring the past successes. Abina Arshad-- a student of Grade 12 PCM-- with her unusually retentive memory; intense curiosity; unusually long attention span; eager desire to learn has translated her abilities into achievements. Quantum computing-- a field that may alter the course of humanity forever, has become the field of interest for the young aspiring students. We feel proud to announce that Abina has been selected for a course/program on Quantum Computing, organized by IBM. Eminent professors from MIT, USA, with their unparalleled competence shall impart the technical education. She has been awarded a full scholarship as well. With a strong unflinching sense of pride, the Management of the school felicitated her with the cash reward of Rs 10,000. "Being able to prioritize things is crucial, and is much easier when you’ve already learned to value your time and pick and choose events and programs that will be of interest to you," said the Honourable Chairman, Mr Tariq Ahmed Baktoo.
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