Our guiding motto is to elevate the aspirants to academic distinction, gradual expansion of conscious thoughts and moral reformation. We are keen to boost valued schooling to one and all who is connected to us. E- teaching in addition to contemporary methods are the hallmarks we rely on. We are well stocked with the modern teaching tool to enrich the learning spirit among aspirants. We are looking ahead to create an affable milieu to cater to the needs of our prekindergarten and the hopefuls that follow. The Harvardians are skilled to understand the need of self-discipline and fellow feeling. Moral Education is administrated for better understanding of hereafter.

School Session

The school session commences in March. The school remains closed for long winter break and during summer for a short term.


KHEI is affiliated to Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE), and is duly recognised by the Department of Education. The classes are from PPD to Grade Twelfth. The students are offered the following subjects at (10 + 2) level: General English, Functional English, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, Accountancy, Business Studies, Sociology, Entrepreneurship, History and Stenography.

Our Team

The faculty of our School is an integral part of our extraordinary achievements. The faculty consists of nearly 250 members. The academic governing body controls the morning assembly, arranges programmes like social outings, visits to historical places, special guest lectures by subject experts and reputed doctors and cognitive psychologists and leading sociologists. Teachers use student friendly methods to lift the creative abilities of their students.


We groom our facility members by arranging Workshops throughout the session. Experts frequently visit the school to furbish the teaching skills of our worthy faculty members. Our teachers reciprocate it by carrying it forward in their respective classes.

Interaction/ Reflections

P.T.M’s are held regularly to monitor the progress of the students. Meeting of parents with H.O. Ds / Principal is appreciated and encouraged for the well-being of our system.








Admissions Every Year

Learning Life Skills

Our decision to stay in the competition in promoting multicultural community that affirms our belief in elevating the cultural diversity are central manifestation of our commitment our teaching methodology.

“When big questions confront students, we encourage them to reflect thoughtfully on their answers. We teach them the skills that enable them to do the hard work of not simply reacting to the future but shaping it so that it advances democratic values.”