Kashmir Harvard Hr. Sec. Educational Institute holds 3 Day Open Speech Competition. We, at KHEI, believe that there's more to attending school than just studying! We aim to ensure all the extra-curricular benefits of attending school are available to all students. UMMETRA--an exuberant group of students lead by Ms Baseerat-- the Campus Ambassador chosen by IIMUN and Grade 12 student of our school--works to enhance the experience of every student by running a range of social and cultural events on campus, supporting student clubs providing workshops and volunteering opportunities to all of its members. KHEI in collaboration with Ummetra held 3 day Open Speech Competition for 52 participants from different grades. The first day of the competition kicked off with a number of notable performances. Around 26 participants took the audience by storm. Day 2 witnessed the other 26 equally talented participants proving that Skill and Confidence are an unconquered army.
The winners were announced on Day 3 of the competition. Syana Warsi bagged the First position, while Zarnain Nazir and Hibba bagged second and third positions, respectively. The first prize winner received a cash prize of Rs 3000/- while the second and third prize winners received Rs 2000/- and Rs 1000/- each. All the participants were felicitated with certificates by the honourable Director of the school, Ms Asiya Murtaza. The distinguished panel of presiding judges included Mr Asif Sultan and Mr Adil Ashraf. "One more exciting experience. Not only am I delighted to hear all the participants speak with youthful exuberance that always manages to keep us on our toes, but I also am completely, in awe, of witnessing some of them with certain capacities or abilities necessary to assume the responsibility of organizing this coveted event. I must congratulate Team UMMETRA for their calm dignity and unflinching courage to make more than 50 students enter the competition. I wish them luck for all the future ventures," said the overjoyed honourable Director of the school, Ms Asiya Murtaza.

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