Mother - An Irreplaceable Blessing

We are thrilled to share with you that Misra Baktoo Foundation, organized an event ” Mother – An Irreplaceable Blessing” in collaboration with Kashmir Harvard to help the underprivileged. The event was held today on the school premises and was attended by many students and faculty members.

During the event, the Misra Baktoo Foundation distributed educational kits to needy students from remote areas. This was a noble initiative that aimed to provide the students with the necessary tools to pursue their education and achieve their dreams. The foundation’s efforts were highly appreciated.

In addition to the distribution of educational kits, a blood donation camp was also organized during the event. The camp was a huge success, and we saw a lot of enthusiastic donors coming forward to contribute towards this noble cause. The blood donation camp was organized in collaboration with the local blood bank, and we are glad to have contributed to this important cause.

Overall, the event was a grand success, and we are incredibly proud of the efforts put in by the Misra Baktoo Foundation, our school staff, and the students who volunteered to make this event a success.

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