Kashmir Harvard school bagged 10 Gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze medals in inter school squay competition organized by youth services department. In the event 35 schools participated. 15 students from Kashmir Harvard school got selected for the District level sqay competition. Two students from the school had already represented J&K state at National level. Chairman of the school Mr. Tariq Baktoo, Principal Kashmir Harvard school Miss Irfaana and Event Manager Kashmir Harvard school S. Mubashir felicitated the participants in the school premises and encouraged other students to participate in the sports and Extra curricular activities for their overall development.

Gold medalists :-
1: Tabish 6th Green
2:- Tayzeem 6th Yellow
3:- Mumin : 8th Orange
4:- Farhan shafi : 9th Yellow
5:-Arsalan :9th Green
6:- Numair: 12th Commerce
7:-Tabasum 6th Orange
8:-Hadeeqa firdous: 6th Orange
9:-Sehar:8th Red
10:-Zainab :8th Red

Silver medalists:-
1:-Saqib: 6th Yellow
2:- Aleem: 7th Yellow
3:- Qazim :6th Green
4:-Kafeel :7th Yellow
5:-Umer: 7th Yellow
6:-Naqtabis :7th Yellow
7:-Imran: 11th Non med
8:-Farhan: 11th Non med
9:-Baseerat :8th Red
10:- Toiba: 8th Red
11:-Tamanna :8th Red
12:- Farsheena :10th Blue
13:-Ambreena :10th Blue

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