Congratulations to the students of KHEI for bringing laurels to the state in the 8th National Tang Soo Do Championship which was held at Haryana on 20/01/2018 & 21/01/2018. More than 500 students from the state participated in junior,sub junior and senior events.

Students of Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute won 7 Gold, 11 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.
The Gold medalist students:
1. Nauman
2. Basit
3. Irtika
4. Rahat
5. Mursaleen
6. Amar
7. Ikram
The Silver Medalist students:
3.Mohd. Haseef
4. Irtiba
6. Zuhaib
7. Shah Zaid
9. Budoor
11. Naira
The Bronze Medalist students:
2. Aman
3. Fayiz
4. Muhaib
5. Zamin
6. Tawheed

We congratulate our Physical Education Department for their enormous efforts.

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