Another Dominant Show by Kashmir Harvard!
In a dazzling display of cricketing excellence on October 28, 2023, the stars of Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute shone brightly as they claimed victory, clinching the Khadija Memorial Cricket Cup. With unyielding teamwork, formidable skill, and unbreakable determination, our talented team showcased their cricket prowess, securing a well-deserved triumph.
A resounding round of applause to our exceptional coach, Mr Abid Pathan and the entire cricket team of Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute. After the cricket match, a splendid dinner took place at Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute, during which our respected Chairman delivered a momentous revelation. He shared thrilling news with the students – a memorable trip lies ahead, along with the provision of cutting-edge cricket equipment to elevate their skills. This gesture not only acknowledges their accomplishments but also nurtures their fervor for the sport.
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