Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute is an English medium Co-educational Institute affiliated to J&K Board of School Education and to be affiliated to the Central Board of School Education. We promote a solid foundation to early learning through our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.
At Kashmir Harvard children are seen as capable learners who construct their learning rather than have constant instruction.

Their learning environment becomes an additional teacher. We are committed to provide a safe, positive learning environment for our students. Our motto “Working Hard To Be Our Best” suggests an important element of education. It reflects the effort we encourage each of our students to put into his/her learning. At Harvard ethics and moral education is imparted to students on regular basis to promote their behaviour of conscience.

Instilling the sublime learning traits in every child

Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute is passionately dedicated to igniting the sublime characteristics of learning in every child. Our curriculum aspires to instilling curiosity, critical and analytical approach, creativity, and leadership qualities on a global stage. By nourishing students’ interests, we develop curious, knowledgeable, self-aware citizens who have the integrity and drive to build a better world. Our aim is to place our student at the heart of all that we do, nurturing their potential to ensure that they learn, lead and influence. We are committed to three guiding principles:









  • Be  a leader ; put knowledge to action; experience fully.
  • Inspire others to action by taking a stand, taking initiative, taking risks and taking responsibility.

• Be aware of one self- of one’s emotional self, the impact of one’s emotions on others and of one’s personal responsibility for emotional regulation.
• Be mindful and practice mindfulness.

• Listen actively
• Consider purpose, audience and style interpret and express ideas graphically, verbally and numerically

• Test assumptions
• Analyze and evaluate evidence, data and arguments.